Solar Lease Program for North Bay Residents

A limited number of funds have been reserved by Smart Energy USA to help North Bay Residents save on their electricity costs by going solar and allowing the North Bay region reach its renewable energy quota.

Common Energy Saving Scenarios

• Limited county program designed to help homeowners save on their electricity.
• Rebate Program sponsored by PG&E & Smart Energy USA.
• No Loans, no money out of pocket, start saving from day one.
• Do not have to have any equity in your home to qualify.
• Monthly payments generally 30% - 50% less than electric utilities.
• Option to purchase your solar electric system.
Program will continue until all funds have been exhausted.

North Bay Residents are able to go solar for $0 Down/No upfront costs with a monthly payment less than current electric bill.

To be eligible for North Bay's Solar Program, you must sign a contract with Smart Energy USA by 7:00pm Pacific time on November 22, 2017. North Bay's Solar Program is exclusive to homeowners residing in North Bay County and is limited while funds last.

By Going Solar, You Will

• Eliminate Electric Bill
• Get an Absolutely Free Solar Installation
• Pay Zero Down / No Out Pocket Costs
• Avoid Rising Electricity Costs
• Increase Property Value
• Spin Electric Meter Backwards